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L.O.G Cosmetics Review by Glamosphere

Hey darlings, Welcome back to my blog. How was your long weekend? Mine went really well ? . Alright, let’s talk about today’s post, a review of some L.O.G Cosmetics products. L.O.G Cosmetics is a brand that produces Mineral Makeup and Hair Care made from 100% natural ingredients. So, I was sent an eye shadow pigment with two of their new lip glosses for review and let’s just say this is a first impression .

L.O.G Cosmetics review by Pretty Ink Signature

Today’s manicure is part of my review of L.O.G Cosmetics. This nail enamel was a part of the package that was sent to me. I’m not a big fan of dark colours, but I think this colour works real good. It matured and really not as dark as one would think/expect. The nail polish does have a satiny effect and one coat just does the magic plus I did not even use a top coat .

L.O.G Cosmetics Review by kinky Nigerian Curls

L.O.G Cosmetics is a UK BASED cosmetic Line, also available in Nigeria. Ok now to the review, these products came to me in a cute packaging which I loved, I used the products, shampooed and essaywritingplace conditioned my hair (video below)  I must say this product is MOISTURIZING!!!!! Other than the thick consistency of the shampoo, this line is the BOMB!!! I cant believe my hair is still moisturized and soft after days??? 😳😱😍 .

L.O.G Cosmetics Reviewed by Thepolishlist

Today I have a review of 6 out of the 12 L.O.G Cosmetics nail polishes from the ‘Beautician Collection’. L.O.G Cosmetics is a new (to me) UK company whose polishes are 5-free and vegan friendly which is amazing. L.O.G Cosmetics also offer a really huge range of beauty products (aimed at women of colour but also suitable for all skin tones) and OMG some of the lip and eye shades are amazing. IMG_8747 IMG_8741 IMG_8743 .

L.O.G Cosmetics Reviewed by Hellznails

L.o.g Cosmetics is a new to me cosmetics company that prides itself in offering high quality natural cosmetics and hair care products. They sell non comedogenic eyeshadow pigments, lipsticks, mineral powders, foundation, bronzers and blushes along with 12, 5-free, nail polishes that make up the Beautician Collection. IMG_8544 IMG_8545 IMG_8546 IMG_8547 IMG_8548 IMG_8584

L.O.G Cosmetics Review By Yolandaas

Now, L.O.G Cosmetics is a brand which uses a lot of high quality natural ingredients. They do makeup and hair care products but I will only be reviewing their hair care range today. I mentioned in my video that a lot of the hair care products have Aloe Vera Juice as the first ingredient (the ingredient with the highest concentration) instead of water which definitely shows that they use high quality ingredients. click here .

L.O.G Cosmetics Review by Nappy Haired

How To Use: Apply to wet hair, detangle and massage onto scalp, rinse well. My Experience Behentrimonium Methosulfate is not one of the ‘bad’ sulfate a that dry out one’s hair, it works as an emulsifying/conditioning agent. When I saw Strawberry & Grapefruit Distillate in the ingredient list, I was expecting it to have a ‘sweet’ scent, but it has no distinct scent. A little goes a long way with this shampoo. My hair .

L.O.G Cosmetics Review by Nsurebeautystudio

Hello beautiful People, Here we are again back to doing our thing – talking about all things beauty.Here’s the challenge I have been having though , I have been thinking to myself how as an aspiring expert in all things beauty and makeup and I am being forced to do without or wear less makeup. I have made up my mind and I am delighted to announce to you that I am going natural .

L.O.G Cosmetics Review by Chloe's Makeover

  Hey Dolls, I hope you are all good?  How was your weekend and how did you spend the the holiday?  Nothing much happened at my page end, but I had a restful holiday. So Today, I bring you yet another inspired look, and as you can tell from the post title, it’s going to be a colorful one.  Also I wanted to try out some new products I received from L.O.G Cosmetics. Click .

L.O.G Cosmetics Review by Skepy Beauty Place

Today I will be giving my honest review on their lipstick called Hottie and I will also be sharing the look I created using it . Hottie is a deep orange lipstick, it is highly pigmented, Long lasting lipstick with a plush, matte finish (but not so matte as to be drying or flaky), one of the reason I love this lipstick. Click here to read more how to get a free .