L.O.G Cosmetics Review by Nsurebeautystudio

Hello beautiful People,

Here we are again back to doing our thing – talking about all things beauty.Here’s the challenge I have been having though , I have been thinking to myself how as an aspiring expert in all things beauty and makeup and I am being forced to do without or wear less makeup.

I have made up my mind and I am delighted to announce to you that I am going natural with some of my makeup products  :-) and this is coming after I suffered a mishap(if you will :) ) from a lipstick brand that messed up my lips click Here to read . I have since adopted a more serious approach to cosmetic use , I have to know exactly the components of the product and their authenticity as the simple truth is that a lot of the products imported into the Nigerian market are FAKE!!! – One can never be too careful.

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